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KOMPOSITE™ Deodorization

In KOMPOSITE™ Deodorization, all processes – Regenerative heating, Final heating, Deodorization of oil and Scrubbing of FFA – take place in one single vessel.

Process Description:

The bleached oil is sent for Deodorization from Bleached Oil Storage tank cum Deaerator tank. In Deaerator Tank, oil is sprayed through atomized spray nozzles under vacuum of 710 mm of Hg. This enhances de-aeration and reduces moisture too.

Regenerative Heating: In steady state, bleached oil is regeneratively heated up to 210 deg C by deodorized oil in bottom tray under vacuum – 1.5 Torr (abs).

Final Heating: Then oil goes for final heating by HP steam/thermic fluid in the top tray of column, where it is heated to the deodorization temperature (240 – 260 deg C, depending on type of oil) under vacuum.

Deodorization:Oil overflows from Final Heating tray to bottom trays which provide minimum retention of 80 mins. It is a compact tray type column for low FFA oils. Trays have sparging steam arrangement which strips FFA, odor and other contaminants from oil to Vacuum Scrubber

FFA scrubbing: FFA and other components vapors from deodorizer enter Scrubber mounted on top of the Deodorization vessel, where FFA vapors are condensed by liquid FFA in circulation. This is a direct contact Single Stage Scrubbing system. We also offer Two Stage Scrubbing system DUALSCRUB™ where we recover two streams – High FFA conc. (upto 97%) stream and High Tocopherol conc. stream. It gives by-product value addition advantage in export market.

Salient features:
  • Lower Consumption of steam for stripping FFA and Odoriferous matter
  • No splash oil generation
  • Highest FFA recovery
  • Easy erection : Single vessel
  • Highly energy efficient
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