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Soap mixture generated in neutralization stage contains soap, neutral oil and traces of free alkali. It is stored in a storage tank and sent further for splitting.

The soapstock is treated with caustic lye to saponify neutral oil and sent to Acidulation reactors for splitting. In these reactors, soapstock is mixed with sulphuric acid which liberates fatty acids and unreacted glycerides in the form of oily mixture known as Acid Oil. Acid oil is washed with hot water which makes it free from mineral acidity. FFA content in Acid oil ranges from 60 – 85% and total fatty matter content about 96%.

Salient features:
  • Better Acid Oil yield
  • Lighter color acid oil
  • Low pH effluent generated
  • Acidic fumes generated during process are continuously scrubbed by water which keep environment clean and hygienic.
  • Re-use of spent acid
  • Precise selection of acid resistance material